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With Demo Reel Dash, you’ll learn how to make and market your own brand of magic by spotlighting your best work. By the end of the course you’ll have a brand new demo reel, and a campaign custom-built to showcase yourself to an audience aligned to your career goals.

10 Hoursof video lessons, podcasts, guides, and access to our 24/7 motion community!
How to organize, categorize, and rate your work
Get your work organized, categorized, and ready for cutting a new reel. Learn about various «styles» of show reel in our industry, and see some examples of masterfully paced reels.
Memorable viewer experiences via ‘Energy Curves’
Learn how to tell a story using three reels: Montage, Show and Tell, and Narrative. We’ll show you how to add music and sound design to help influence the tone and pace. Explore techniques to make your reel memorable and exciting.
Keep your Reel free of Speed Bumps
Refine your professional goals and ensure that your reel aligns to them. Now it’s time to test your reel to ensure it is effective and engaging. Finally, we’ll prepare a launch campaign so your work gets noticed.
Editing Tricks to make your Reel Stand Out
You may not be a video editor, but we can show you how to cut your reel in ways that will give it more life and energy than just a simple montage. Learn some Premiere tricks that will impress everyone.
How to Promote your new Reel
Now that you’ve positioned yourself correctly, narrowed down your focus, and cut a kick-ass reel, what’s next? Learn how to get eyeballs on your new showreel, and how to upgrade your standing in the industry to get better clients.




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